Click here to see how HKS can help create your future!


Click here to see how HKS can help create your future!


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Having a well-planned strategy can help you realise your dreams!

The misconceptions that surround super often lead it to being down the list of priorities. Whether you are in your first job, or only a few years from retiring, it pays to understand super. Read More..

Retirement takes planning and having a sound financial plan in place is essential to ensure you achieve the lifestyle you want when it’s time to hang up your work boots. Read More..

Personal insurance protects you and your family’s quality of life and long term financial security. What protection do you currently have in place to cover you from unforeseen loss? Read More..

Starting to build your wealth, growing your existing net-worth or just saving for that long over-due holiday? Having a well-planned investment strategy can help you realise your dreams! Read More..

HKS Mortgage Broking

HKS Mortgage Broking is uniquely placed in assisting you with all your finance needs in-house. Our comprehensive list of services caters for any plans you may have in mind, from buying your first home to property investment.

Why choose HKSFP?

HKS Financial Planning is a boutique financial planning practice specialising in providing solutions for all your superannuation, retirement, investment, and personal insurance needs. It is our aim to offer the most comprehensive solution to your financial and personal protection needs, tailored to your individual situation.

HKS Mortgage Broking, a partner company of HKS Financial Planning, operates in-house and allows our clients a unique opportunity to take an holistic approach to planning their finances. With services ranging from home loans, investment loans or refinancing, our lending specialist can provide you with professional advice on choosing the right loan that may help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

  • Superannuation
  • Retirement
  • Investment
  • Personal Insurance
  • Lending Needs

A few kind words from our clients…

John has given us advice in many areas including loan products, self-managed super funds, shares and managing debt to name a few. John was usually able to explain things to us in a clear way and through John’s knowledge and experience we feel very confident that the advice given was right for our needs.

Evelyn - 16th November 2021

Kurt has given my husband and I advise in various areas e.g. superannuation, investment property, Centrelink, retirement, insurance, life advice. Kurt has been available anytime we required advice or just needed to discuss anything. Kurt’s knowledge is excellent, and I feel hundred percent confident in his advice. Kurt explains everything in a way that we understand, and we would recommend him to everyone.

Sharon - 9th September 2021
John has been an excellent adviser and also assisted me in recovering from previous losses. Nothing is a trouble to John.

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John Spooner
John SpoonerDirector/ Financial Planner
Kurt Grainger
Kurt GraingerDirector/ Financial Planner
Maria White
Maria WhiteDirector/ Lending Specialist
Anna Longden
Anna LongdenDirector/Operational Manager