Retirement takes planning

Retirement takes planning and having a sound financial plan in place is essential to ensure you achieve the lifestyle you want when it’s time to hang up your work boots. While having the luxury of calm and restful moments to yourself every day sounds ideal while you’re busy at work, the reality can be quite different if you’re not prepared.

So how much is enough?

Whilst there is no one answer to this question, a general rule of thumb is that you need approximately 60% of your final pre-retirement salary each year for what could amount to 20 years or more. The secret to securing a healthy income in retirement is knowing what lifestyle you want- What age do you plan to retire? how much do you want to travel? what are the things that will affect your cash flow?

There is so much more to retirement than just slowing down, and life after work is about choices; and the choices you make now in planning for your financial future will determine what lifestyle you want to lead!

Prepare and retire on your own terms by speaking to a HKSFP adviser.

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