Pay off your mortgage or top up your super?

Interest rates are at all time lows, so should you pay off your mortgage or top up your super? Low rates are making it easier for Australians to reduce personal debt. But is that the best strategy for you? It’s fair to say many of us have never been in a better position to whittle [...]

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4 common myths about using an adviser

How to manage your finances is a deeply personal decision and many Australians want more information about the best way for them. But when it comes to seeking financial advice many of us don’t know what a financial adviser actually does and how and what they can help with. So let’s look at the most [...]

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Countdown to June 30

The countdown to the end of the financial year may not create the same excitement as the approach of New Year’s Eve, but it does have one saving grace. With a little bit of planning before June 30 you could end up with a welcome financial pick-me-up after the Christmas-New Year spending spree. The general [...]

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Sacrifice your salary

Why salary sacrifice? Well, because it’s a way of enjoying great savings by paying less tax. Want to know how it works? Read on… Why it pays to do it Salary sacrificing, also called salary packaging, is an agreement you make with your employer to forgo some of the wages you haven’t earned yet in [...]

2017-01-16T09:48:29+10:00July 31st, 2012|Financial Planning, Superannuation|Comments Off on Sacrifice your salary
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